Physiotherapy is a recognized autonomous health care profession that works in an open and equal professional partnership with medical Practitioner in the care of clients (World Confederation of Physical Therapy Declaration, 1995)

Physiotherapy has first contact status referrals from a medical practitioners not being legally or ethically required before physiotherapy services are provided (WCPT, 1995)

Physiotherapy is a modern, scientific, research based and non-reactive treatment procedure. Which deals with every branch of medical science.

Specialty of our center

  • Evidence Based Physiotherapy Practice
  • Outpatient and Inpatient Consultancy and Treatment Service
  • Patient Management Procedure:
  1. Assessment of patient
  2. Problem list find out
  • Goal set
  1. Treatment plan
  2. Treatment implementation
  3. Outcome measurement
  • Discharge
  • Follow-up
  • Provide physiotherapy Treatment at General ICU, Neuro ICU, HDU, CCU and NICU
  • Separate Male and Female unit of Physiotherapy Department with Qualified Male and Female Physiotherapists
  • Indoor Admission Facility for Physiotherapy Treatment.